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Not Found Semi-Retired
$150.00 / Year

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DCs who have left full-time practice but still treat patients up to (but not exceeding) 45 days per year.

Not Found Standard Member
$665.00 / Year

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Standard membership in the WSCA is for DCs who have been licensed for 4 years or longer. This membership level introduces you to the association and brings with it the following benefits: 

No membership fees during your first year of Washington State license as a WSCA member
Discounts on all WSCA events, seminars, and products
Subscription to our award-winning bimonthly magazine, Plexus
Listing in the Find a Chiropractor feature on the WSCA website
Advertising opportunities in print and electronic media, including two free ads in Plexus
Special offers from our trusted corporate partners available only to WSCA members
Access to a marketplace of vendors providing every product and service your practice needs 
Eligibility for association leadership positions
Half-priced standard membership for spouses who are also DCs
A full-time lobbyist on staff, advocating in Olympia for policies that help your profession thrive!
Reciprocal membership with the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP)
*Standard membership (actual price of $55.42/month) is a must-have resource. Recognizing the budgetary concerns of new graduates and other recent licensees just getting established in our state, the WSCA fully subsidizes membership for DCs in their first year of licensure. Second and third-year DC dues are partially subsidized (roughly 65% off and 35% off in the second and third years, respectively). This membership is a bargain at its regular price, but the New Member Subsidy Program makes it even easier for chiropractors at every level to take part.

Not Found Olympic
$1,500.00 / Year

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The WSCA started its Premium Membership Program as a way to enhance the membership experience and provide a way for experienced chiropractors to distinguish themselves in the field. Our mid-level tier, Olympic membership, is designed for those who want extra savings, greater exposure, and a way to help develop their staff along with themselves. This membership is great for the mid-career DC, associates of larger practices, and anyone who has CAs and administrative staff working for them. Olympic members get all of the benefits that standard members get, plus:

Free admission to both ChiroConfab and the Annual Meeting & Symposium
Deep discounts on all other WSCA events, seminars, and products
15% discounts on all WSCA events, seminars, and products for your CAs and staff
50% discount on Silver Level corporate partnership dues
Placement in the Featured Member rotation on our website
Deeper discounts on print and electronic advertising, including twice as many ads in Plexus
Distinctive branding on our website showcasing your commitment to the WSCA
Olympic membership is a smart investment if you’re focused on the professional development of you and your staff, and if you want to set your practice apart from the crowd.

Not Found Rainier
$2,100.00 / Year

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The highest distinction for WSCA members is our premier level—Rainier membership. Rainier members are true chiropractic entrepreneurs. If you have your own clinic, multiple staff, extensive advertising needs, or want to leverage your membership to actively grow your business, then you need a Rainier membership. Benefits include everything that standard and Olympic members get, plus: 

Free admission to both ChiroConfab and the Annual Meeting & Symposium
The deepest discounts on all other WSCA events, seminars, and products
20% discounts on all WSCA events, seminars, and products for your CAs and staff
50% discount on Silver or Gold Level corporate partnership dues
Even greater advertising discounts, including free ads in every Plexus
Recognition at WSCA events as one of the state’s preeminent chiropractors
Professional social media publishing on Facebook, including chiropractic-specific content posted to your page every business day. This premier benefits casts you as a healthcare thought leader in your community

Not Found 3rd Year
$420.00 / Year

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DCs in their 3rd year of licensure

Not Found 2nd Year
$240.00 / Year

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DCs in their 2rd year of licensure

Not Found 1st Year
$0.00 / Year

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DCs in their 1st year of licensure in Washington

Not Found Out of State
$70.00 / Year

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Out of state members -- available to DCs licensed in other states and Washington-licensed DCs who do not live or work in Washington

Retired DCs who no longer treat any patients (excluding friends, family and pro bono treatment)

Student members -- those currently enrolled in chiropractic college and recent graduates awaiting licensure

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